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Vivienne Westwood Worlds End

Worlds End in Kings Road, London can only be described as a treasure chest.

It wasn't until 1980 the shop at 430 Kings Road was reopened under the name Worlds End, taken from the name of a pub that stood at that end of the Kings Road.
In October 1971 Malcolm Mclaren had amassed a collection of records from Brick Lane and opened a stall at the back of a vintage American clothing store called Paradise Garage selling Rock & Roll vinyl records.

In November of 1971 they took over the entire premises renaming the shop Let It Rock and selling Teddy Boy Clothes designed by Vivienne Westwood. 

In 1972 the outlet interior was changed and the shop was given a new name Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die, branded with a skull and crossbones, they introduced second hand jeans, pegged trousers, leather and double breasted Zoot suits amongst many other things. The Shop went under another refurbishment in 1974 and was branded the name Sex. Sex sold fetish and bondage wear and the band The Sex Pistols got their name, their clothing and their start here.

In 1976 the shop was renamed Seditionaires, the shop supplied the clothing identity for the punk movement. trading under that name until 1980.

Vivienne Westwood launched her first collections from here. Although the pirates clothes had already been on sale at Worlds End, they were shown as the first collection on the catwalk at Olympia in 1981.

Worlds End was designed to resemble an 18th Century galleon with the floor raked at an angle. The outside exterior has a large clock which spins backwards representing going back in time.

This store is very different to the other +Vivienne Westwood  stores and is definitely worth a visit. 

The Worlds End Collection is a range put together personally by Vivienne Westwood in which she has selected her favourite pieces from the Westwood archives. My favourite is the Pirate Squiggle top and is available here in many colours. The collection makes use of leftover fabrics and off-cuts from previous seasons to minimise the squandering of the earth’s resources. The prices of the collection have been kept as low as possible in order for it to be affordable to as many people as possible.   Vivienne especially wants young people to be able to afford pieces from this line so they can wear her designs even if they can’t afford pieces from her main line.They also stock some Lee Denim, Anglomonia and Gold Label here.


Worlds End Timeless Fashion, Recycling and Best Price
Worlds End continue to issue their classic designs and accessories, they have no need to cost in those months of development work.
  • Sell direct, which cuts out extra mark-up.
  • Use their left-over fabrics; these were originally more expensive.
  • Extract a new design out of the Gold Label collection and sell direct through Worlds End.
  • Samples, toiles, show jewellery and accessories.
  • Political badges and artwork.
  • Special Worlds End designs, D.I.Y. items, boxers, towels, and hats.
  • Never have a sale: Buy less – Choose well – Make it last!
I must add I picked up some fabulous T-shirts from here this month which are part of the Worlds End special range Propaganda, AR, Tits, and the Worlds End Climate Revolution vest all priced at £35.00 each

I also bought of a set of pin badges. The pin badge sets are priced at £28.00 each, and a set of six badges is priced at £15 for the set. There is something here for everyone's budget.

My new Westwood bondage boots from Worlds End

With a shop full of gorgeous things to try and very friendly and helpful staff,  I think I'll be visiting every chance I get.

The black pair is on my wish list, I can't wait to get them

Please bear in mind Worlds End is closed on a Sunday, I've made that mistake before.

The nearest London underground station will be Sloane Square and it's about a 15-20 minute walk from there.

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For mail order or more information:

Worlds End
430 Kings Road
 t. +44 (0)207 352 6551

Send me pictures of your favourite Worlds End pieces and I will put together a compilation for a future blog.

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